Earth Day is April 22nd and while many of us agree we should celebrate our wonderful earth everyday, it does seem appropriate to grant her at least one special day for a larger celebration. Whether you choose April 22nd as the day to make a difference or the first day to start making a difference every day matters not. Just don’t forget to celebrate.

Not sure how to start? Here are some ways Parent Organizations around the country are celebrating and you can to.

Plant a Garden

The students and teachers at Locust Elementary School in Garden City, NJ already started celebrating Earth Day in early Spring by planting vegetable seeds indoors. Next, the plants are being transplanted outdoors and when ready in June the class will harvest and share the bounty with their families. From seed to garden, garden to table, the children are learning the benefits of gardening. Here are just two of many amazing resources for schools and parent organizations to learn more about school garden projects: and

Don’t have time to start a school garden? No worries, spruce up the school gardens you have. Spend Earth Day picking up trash, popping weeds and planting flowers to add beauty to your current school grounds.

Collect Recyclables

The students at Tisko Elementary School in Branford, CT are busy collecting bottles and cans to take to the redemption center. The class who brings in the most bottles and cans gets a pizza party. Other schools are busy collecting ink cartridges and cell phones. Check out and to learn more about how just how cool and important recycling is to our communities and the planet.

Walk or Bike to School

All 11 Arlington County, VA schools are participating in a county sponsored Bike and Walk to School Day on May 6th in celebration of Earth Day. To learn more about walking school buses and bicycle trains visit

Can’t see walking or biking? Instead, focus on reducing car and bus emissions at drop off and pick up by educating parents and staff about the dangers of emission pollutants to our children and the earth. To learn more about how to run a successful No Idling Campaign check out

Collect Gently Used ________________ (fill in the blank)

One of the best ways to keep things out of landfills is to find other homes for them. Someone else’s trash may be another’s treasure. Hold a collection drive for gently used school supplies, clothes, toys, bikes, furniture or whatever else your local community organizations may be in need of and help to make someone else’s day while making the earth a better place.

Say Goodbye to Backpack Mail, Say Hello to SchoolBee

Go green, go paperless, go mobile with SchoolBee. Say “no” to the backpack black hole. Never have to look for the directory form, request for volunteer sign up, after school club list or any of the other important forms parent organizations rely on EVER AGAIN. Want to learn more about how easy it really is to go mobile? Visit


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