Who uses SchoolBee?

SchoolBee serves all the many kinds of Parent Organizations affiliated with public and private schools, K-12, preschools, nursery schools and before and after school programs both large and small throughout the country. Not sure you are included in this description? Give us a call.

Like us, our customers are parents committed to building strong parent-school partnerships because we know how important being involved in our children's schools is to their education.

Our customers are volunteers trying their best to balance volunteer responsibilities with family and work.

Our customers are directory chairs who want their summer back.

Our customers are parents who want to send a birthday invitation to the entire class.

Our customers are event chairs who are tired of using three software programs to run a Parent Social.

Our customers are parents who want to look up a name of a parent they met at a soccer game over the weekend.

Our customers are presidents who want to say goodbye to "the binder".

Our customers ever resourceful and wise look to SchoolBee for help.