Ring, ring. Hi Pam, it’s Kim. How are you and the boys? Yes, we are all fine. I am just trying to get next year’s committees in place. So listen I was thinking that you would be the perfect Directory Chair. You are so organized and– wait, hear me out. It’s really not that difficult (No, just incredibly time consuming). Let me tell you what it entails, ok? (Please say yes. You are the fourth person I have called).

Ok, so you really don’t have to start until the summer and it’s completely at your leisure (It’s September that’s the nightmare).  All you have to do is take last year’s directory and make any necessary updates (Technically, this is true) and voila a new directory (Why do we work so hard every year to print a directory that is outdated the second it goes to print???). No, really it’s that simple (But crazy right?).

Our Communications Chair (I hope she is around this summer) can help you post announcements (of which only 40% of our parents open) in our newsletter asking parents to send you their updated contact information or you can use snail mail.  It’s completely up to you how you want to do it (because either way there is a lot of work that goes into both tracking down parents who don’t respond and apologizing to parents upset about missed birthday parties due to typos and omissions). 

When do we actually need the directory? Good question- In time for Back to School Night, which turns out to be the week after school starts (How in the world are we going to pull this off?).

Pam? Pam? Dial Tone.


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