Going Paperless. Going Green. Going Mobile. Years ago when my oldest daughter, who is now 15, was in elementary school the school stopped “backpack” mail. After that all communications arrived by way of email. We had taken a giant step toward “going green”. But not so with our parent directory. That lived on even though the benefits of a mobile parent directory are far greater than simply being green. What are the benefits of going mobile beyond being green? How about never having an outdated directory again? A mobile parent directory is always up to date. Parents update their profile in real time, anytime, anywhere. Plus, they control what contact information to share and what to keep private. To the directory chair who is reading this- yes, that is right- you are no longer responsible for making sure every entry is without error. The pressure if off.

A mobile parent directory can not be lost or stolen. For approved members It is always accessible anytime and anywhere on any mobile device. That means never having to remember what coffee shop or friends car you left it in. If your phone it with you, so is SchoolBee. A mobile parent directory is safe, secure/encrypted, and password protected. It is never sold or shared with third-parties. Can’t get safer than that can you? And guess what? A mobile parent directory is simply a starting place- the foundation for building a community of informed and engaged parents. This is really what SchoolBee is all about. So stay tuned to hear more about all the other features we have created for time savings, enhanced communications and streamlined fundraising- all in one place. Oh, and one last thing. Going mobile has no season. Any time is a good time.

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