SchoolBee helps Executive Boards

  • Increase revenues.  We make it easy to collect payments and donations from parents online.

  • Save expenses. We help eliminate software subscription fees, printing and mailing costs and bank deposit fees.

  • Improve parent communication. We help keep parents informed with up to date announcements, a live calendar and other important information in one place, searchable anytime and anywhere. With SchoolBee you know you are reaching every family when you need to.

  • Increase participation.  We offer your parent community a way to not only see what volunteer opportunities exist but also a way to share their special skills and time availability is as well.

  • Better understand and represent parent communities. We provide customized fields (ex. volunteer interests, employer matching donations), track membership, past donors and donations and solicited feedback through surveys.

  • Improve event planning. We help schedule meetings, invite guests, track rsvp’s and send reminders all from SchoolBee.

  • Save time. We track all fundraising transactions across events, sales and families.

  • Work more effectively and efficiently- streamline the paperwork. We archive Board documents.  No need to look for lost notebooks of former Boards ever again.