Introducing SchoolBee - An Online Directory for the Tuckahoe School District

The Tuckahoe PTA is proud to offer SchoolBee for the 2017-2018 school year. SchoolBee is a secure online school directory accessible to our district’s parents and school personnel.


The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a volunteer organization of parents and teachers from within our district who share the common goal of enriching our children’s lives. This is a huge task, both logistically and financially. Our PTA has 22 committees that contribute programs to more than 1,200 students. The largest committee is fundraising, without whom we would not have such diverse and engaging programs for our students. The monies collected, during annual membership and through various fundraisers, financially support the programs created and hosted by the PTA. The list below highlights the incredible events and programs that would not be possible without the dedication and financial support of our PTA. Click here to see our 2016-2017 PTA Events.

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Become a PTA member and help us to help you and your children. Your membership is a low cost, no time commitment way to support the PTA.  The funds help us to start our year with fun programs for our students.  Membership also helps the PTA to advocate for your children.  A strong membership = a strong voice.  The Tuckahoe School District values PTA input, and acknowledges us as a partner in the success of our students. Click on the link below to purchase PTA membership using your credit card via PayPal.Click here to Purchase PTA Membership